Success Stories

Jim and Karen are excellent coaches and run an amazing program! When I started, I was in the midst of my weight loss journey and was starting to plateau. Through Jim's coaching and nutrition guide I was able to loose an additional 35lbs! Jim trained me to run my first ever marathon which I finished in under 4 hours! My original race was canceled due to the pandemic so I did a virtual one and he rode his bike right beside me. Nobody is as dedicated as they are. Even if I get stuck on some workouts he will come meet me and help me.
I still am being coached by SENS and I have to say I am in the best shape of my life! I am down to a weight I was in high school but you can tell my weight is more muscle than fat. I can run as fast as I did in high school and I can even do pullups now which is something I have never been able to do before. I even feel comfortable taking off my shirt in public.
I owe Jim and Karen more than I could ever repay them because they have given me a whole new outlook on life, a recipe for success, and a new found confidence in who I am as a person.
If you are looking for a change look no further than SENS Fitness!

Reid M.

Knew right away it was a great fit after listening to a few podcasts while researching what SENS fithess was all about.
I came in as a previous athlete but no clue on proper nutrition, proper training for a half-marathon and triathlons.
Jim and Karen listen, ask pertinent questions and always have their clients best interest at the forefront.
If one is willing to learn, have the ability to be brutally honest with where they are and where they want to be in 12 weeks or 12 months or even 12 years. SENS fosters that process through a proven system t hr is 4 years and still rolling and improving.
I trust them whole heartedly with my fitness,, life , career and general well being.
I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to find long term solutions for life. Will it always be easy nope, will it be worth it absolutely. They have been with me every step on my 13 month journey and I couldn't be happier and it oozes out if me and people notice and it has nothing to do with 22 lbs lost and maintained. Its more the confidence I have gained in all aspects of my life.

Bryon B

I strongly recommend working with Jim Gazzale and Karen Gazzale at SENS Fitness. Just over a year ago I reached out to Jim regarding their The Wine and Weight Loss Program program. Physically and emotionally I had hit a wall when it came to my overall heath. What I had been doing just wasn't working - strength & nutrition wise.
From day one Jim listened to and evaluated my then fitness routine, we chatted about my nutrition. Even at the start, Jim and Karen's explanation of food, portions & meal planning were practical & understandable. While I had always considered myself a healthy eater, as it turns out prior to Aug. of 2020, I still wasn't making choices that would increase my energy levels and help build muscle. And while this seems like common sense to me today - even basic things such as protein intake and water consumption/quantity were two key components I had been missing the mark on (and it turns out for years!)
Fast forward to a year later and I am down & maintaining a 12 lbs weight loss, inches off of my midsection, coupled with an increase in energy, strength and most importantly: confidence. I appreciate the consistency with check-ins and feedback from Jim, the strength training/workouts have been tailored to my goals all along the way. And I have been extremely appreciative of the feedback on questions I have had about my nutrition and I am so grateful for the continued support Karen & Jim at SENS Fitness has given me over this past year. As Jim and I talked about in one of our very first conversations - We, as humans, don't think twice to put money towards things - clothes, trips, electronics and other things that we think we need. Why not make an investment towards you - literally! I believe SENS Fitness is just that type of investment: physically and emotionally. For that, I am very grateful I reached out to them a year ago.

Olivia P