South Carolina Retiree Drops 18 Pounds Without Counting A Single Calorie

From building his own businesses to completing multiple Ironman triathlons, Terry Canipe knows how to focus, get things done, and certainly isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. But there were still some things looming in the future that, as he got older, have become increasingly more challenging to figure out.

“I was looking for a nutrition coach because of digestion issues I was having.”

Terry tried a variety of different things but with no luck. Special diets, counting calories, and paying attention to every last bite of food wasn’t working to fix his gut issues or reduce the pain he’d been feeling there.

Through the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program, Terry has been able to enjoy his favorites foods without counting a single calorie and reap the rewards of fat loss and better gut health.

“Other programs did not give me the nutrition plans I needed. I have less stomach issues (pain) while training and competing.”

Terry knows it’s important to stay consistent with his training and nutrition program.


“Competing at a senior’s age and staying healthy and injury free,” is the most important thing Terry says.

This straight forward approach to eating and exercise has Terry improving his performance across each of the swim, bike, run disciplines of triathlon. With his new and improved gut health and without extra body fat, Terry is laser focused on completing more triathlons later this year.

“The advice through SENS Fitness is well thought out and informative. I’ve lost up to 18 lbs while training with Jim and Karen.”