How This Busy Work-from-home Mom Dropped 19 Pounds Without Ever Feeling Hungry

The weight loss opportunities one can find online are endless. Shakes and cleanses and detoxes and “innovative” workouts, the list goes on and on along with their flashy promises. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. Losing a ton of weight in the shortest amount of time possible is enticing. It’s these programs that Noel tried over and over.


"I had tried every diet and gizmo under the sun and nothing worked for me. So many of the “Diet Plans” were complicated causing me to quit.”

These programs work, but only temporarily in most cases. Why? Because they fail to educate people on how to continue losing weight long term and keeping it off forever.

“Along with the other members in the Facebook group, the SENS Fitness toolbox was filled with everything I needed to succeed. I knew right away that this was what I needed to change my mindset, educate myself and to finally lose the weight that I failed to lose in the past.”

Every weight loss journey has its ups and downs. It’s never a linear path to success. Challenges do come up, and recognizing them can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow. However, Noel kept that positive mindset, understanding that if she kept putting in the consistent effort she’d achieve the results she’d be searching years for.

"SENS Fitness completely changed my mindset so I could get out of my own way and be successful. I am currently down 19 pounds and plan to lose 50 additional pounds."

Down nearly 20 pounds in 12 weeks with The Wine and Weight Loss Program, fitting into smaller clothes, and managing her stressful work-from-home job during the COVID pandemic, Noel says seeing the progress has kept her focused on the future.

"Losing the pounds made me feel great and gave me energy so I wanted more. My success was being noticed by others and I dropped a size in clothing which has really pushed me to be more active.”

Understanding how to effectively manage stress, social events, and other day-to-day situations without losing sight of her weight loss goals has Noel set up for long term success without fear of ever seeing those 19 pounds again.

"The biggest benefit I received was the education on how to properly make this happen. The workout lessons, the daily videos, the group chats all have helped me to change my mindset which was my biggest obstacle. Jim would take a real life situation such as stress eating or cravings and simplifies it for you. SENS Fitness takes the stress out of dieting.”

Self-awareness is the greatest gift one could give themselves as they begin their weight loss journey. Noel embraced that concept from day one. Now, she has the tools in her own toolbox to continue making positive progress while drinking wine and eating whatever she wants.

"This is not a diet. This is being mindful of what you eat, tracking your activity and watching the pounds fall off. Not once did I feel hungry on this plan and I was able to eat what I wanted. Thank you SENS Fitness for giving me the knowledge and tools to change my path. This journey has been amazing and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!”

Right now I’m looking for five moms who want to lose up to 20 pounds in the next 12 weeks while drinking wine and eating whatever they want. If that’s you visit complete the form and I’ll be in touch.