How This Busy Mom Dropped 45 Pounds To Feel Alive Again At 52

Linda knows how to help people. As a wife, mother, and physical therapist helping those around her is her everyday. Slowly, over time, however she was no longer her number one priority.


"Somewhere in my 40's I started gaining weight gradually. There was a lot of stress, children, household, a career, ailing parents/grandparents, bills.... pretty much life! I became a lot less focused on my own health and spent all my energy on everyone else.”

She was taking much better care of her patients than of herself. Multiple efforts to halt her steady weight gain resulted in a few pounds lost only to have them return a few weeks later. Along with the added weight, body aches and pains slowed her down.


"My knees became very painful and at times I couldn't even get up my stairs at the end of the day. The irony is that I'm a physical therapist. I know how to help others, I even know how to help myself, but I just wouldn't make the time for me.”

One morning in October 2019 Linda stepped on the scale. She saw something that truly frightened her… 188 pounds.

"The thought of hitting 190 terrified me. My family history is riddled with cardiovascular disease and debilitating arthritis. I didn't want to be victim to any of this.”

As someone who had been active and in good shape most of her life, Linda knew it was time to ask for help in order to reach her goals.

"My biggest goal was to lose 25 pounds. Since joining (SENS Fitness), I have lost 45 pounds and feel fantastic. My other goals were to reduce my joint pain, be able to feel good about clothes shopping, have more energy to be present for my family, friends and patients. All of my goals are being reached!”

Weight loss is simple on paper: eat less and move more. But it’s not easy and black and white. Most people don’t realize there’s a massive mental and emotional component to it that can either hurt or help their journey along the way.

"My biggest challenges are controlling my urge to overeat when I am in a social situation, like during work parties, holidays and 'Pizza Friday' at the office; or wanting to eat when I'm upset or lonely. I have always eaten my feelings away. SENS has taught me strategies to use to remain in control during these situations, that really work.”

The biggest key to long lasting success is finding something you can be consistent with. For Linda, she found that learning what works for her has kept her focused more so than just following directions and doing something just because her coach told her to.


"SENS Fitness is different in that it is a judgement free zone, there is a lot of education, a ton of support and the program is individualized to meet your personal goals. You're educated on multiple topics related to your weight loss journey without feeling like you are being schooled."

Now, at 45 pounds lighter with knee pain eliminated, and no more body aches, Linda’s confidence is through the roof. She’s truly put herself first and is reaping all the rewards for doing so.

"I feel so good! So strong! No knee pain! This keeps me focused. The amazing feeling of being alive again! My body doesn't hurt like it used to. My knees no longer hurt when I climb stairs and I can now carry heavy loads up and down the stairs with confidence. I have had a huge surge in my energy level and my anxiety is less. My confidence in my physical ability and my physical image has sky rocketed."

Linda is enjoying being in control of her food choices through the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program. Deciding what to eat and how much is empowering and when she needs help, the SENS Fitness Family is there to support her, no matter what.

"Another big part of staying focused has come from my SENS Family. We call it the "SENS Family" because it really is just that.

Staying connected in the conversations with Jim, Karen and all the other members of SENS Fitness makes you know you're not alone and that if you do fall off the wagon, they are there to help you get right back on it."

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