How A Busy Boston Mom Dropped 18 Pounds While Drinking Wine And Eating Whatever She Wants

Getting the weight loss results you want in the most efficient way possible is always the goal. With any goal you should want to get there as efficiently as you can. Yet, far too many of us needlessly overcomplicate the issue.

Meet Rosie, she’s a 39-year-old mother of three near Boston who’s lost nearly 20 pounds while managing the household, working from home, and adjusting to quarantine.

Rosie, 39-year-old badass.

Rosie, 39-year-old badass.

Rosie loves being social. Before coronavirus shut down her favorite restaurants, she was dining out weekly, enjoying tasty cocktails, and keeping up with her kids. But like many of us, Rosie wasn’t always successful with staying on track with her weight loss and fitness goals.

Instead of embracing the holidays and birthday parties as a part of the overall journey, these celebrations would derail her progress and leave her back at square one.

“There have been many setbacks or plateaus. Instead of letting these define me or discourage me like I have in the past, I've persevered and stayed the course. This process may take me longer because I've indulged around vacations or holidays. That's ok though! That's life! It's meant to be lived and thoroughly enjoyed! This program will work if you work the program!“

With big goals to reach ahead of her 40th birthday this Fall, Rosie joined the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program looking to feel stronger, leaner, and healthier. With her consistent effort she’s been able to accomplish just that.

“I feel so much more confident! I'm proud of all the hard work I've put in. I'm also stronger and I can see definition in my arms and legs. My clothes are fitting better too!”

What’s more, Rosie has been able to accomplish all of this while drinking wine and eating whatever she wants... literally!

She’s whipping up new recipes each night that the whole family can enjoy. There’s no need for her to sacrifice great food and great company with her husband and kids in order to lose weight. The feedback and support from the Wine and Weight Loss Program was the missing link Rosie had been searching for in the past.

“The support and accountability is amazing! I can reach out to my coach with any questions, concerns or problems I may be having and I'll get a super timely response! They're not just there for the victories! They're also there for support and encouragement during the hard times. Not to mention they're completely non-judgemental! I couldn't be happier with the program and the results I'm getting!”

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