Drop 15 Pounds While Saying ‘Yes’ To Wings And Beer

Food has been, and really always will be, family for Dave. Growing up in a home with Italian traditions means pasta, cheese, and meat are signs of love rather than just something you eat. This presents a dilemma. Do you tell Grandma two servings of spaghetti and meatballs is enough (rather than four) and risk offending her? Or do you loosen the belt to keep the peace?

Telling an Italian grandmother that you’re full is more upsetting than taking the Lord’s name in vain. The internal struggle was real, along with the strain this put on Dave’s clothes and confidence.


"I wanted to lose weight, learn better nutrition habits, and understand how to eat better.”

Avoiding family dinners, or eating boiled chicken and steamed broccoli, isn’t really an option. At least not one that’s sustainable long term. So what’s a guy to do? The most challenging thing Dave says he’s worked through in the last few years has been, “remaining consistent with nutrition” because let’s face it, the family dinners aren’t going away and neither is the desire for wings and beer.

Dave found that consistency with the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program, and it’s been key for his success. In the last four months, Dave is down 15 pounds and building his strength through simple workout routines he’s able to do right from home.

“I feel healthier. I get sick less often and I sleep better.”

Family dinners are no longer a stress inducing situation. Dave knows exactly how much to put on his plate and when to go back for seconds without fear of gaining weight. In this time of social distancing, family dinners are no longer routinely on the calendar, but that hasn’t stopped his family from seeing notable results.

“Recently on a FaceTime call with my brother, my niece was convinced it wasn’t me she was looking at on the phone. She didn’t recognize me because I’ve lost weight and am in better shape than I was the last time we all saw each other in person.”

The simple home workouts have helped keep Dave on track in addition to a bit of self-awareness.

“The monitoring of food intake and my steps,” Dave says has allowed him to continue to enjoy those family dinners without guilt and without fear of falling back on old habits.

Dave is the original SENS Fitness client. He’s been in the program since Day 1 and has watched it evolve and adapt to meet his goals.

"SENS Fitness is constantly available for advice and motivation, and willing to adjust to reach goals. They have a very hands-on approach, and go above-and-beyond to make sure clients have tools they need to succeed.”

Do you want to start losing weight without having to give up family dinners or your favorite foods? Visit www.sensfitness.com/contact to complete the form. Let’s see if you’re a good fit for the program.