60-year-old Grandmother Loses 15 Pounds, Sets Goal To Live To 100

Making your health and fitness a lifelong priority is challenging for the vast majority of people. Oftentimes it takes a so-called “wake up call” to get them to start losing weight in an effort to add years to their life. At 60 years old, Terry was suffering some physical ailments and felt it was time to take action.

“I knew it was time to lose weight and get fit. I had to do something if I was going to live to 100!”

Doing it alone can only exacerbate the struggle too. Lacking accountability and not learning how to do this weight loss thing long term had been the norm for her for too long. Terry knew she needed something different.

"I need someone to be accountable to, it's helped immensely. The consistency offered as a member of the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program has helped me evolve into the person I couldn’t become on my own.

With her sights set on hitting the century mark so she can continue playing with her grandkids, she’s laying out more goals in addition to the 15 pounds she’s already lost and the new, smaller wardrobe she’s already had to purchase.

"I would like to lose around 30 more pounds. I want to keep getting fit and staying on a healthy track! There’s a two-piece bathing suit I’d like to wear in public, not just my backyard!"

This weight loss journey isn’t free from challenges though. Along with the healthy eating habits she’s built from the Wine and Weight Loss Program, Terry has also relieved pain from spots that always plagued her in the past.

"Due to numerous physical limitations I used those things as an excuse not to exercise. But by working at it slowly but surely, I now enjoy a good mile and a half walk! And with the encouragement I receive from this group, I know I can do more.

Terry now has a sustainable plan that she’s confident she can stick to, even when life throws her a curveball, as it does more often than not. 

"Meal planning isn’t the easiest, because there’s only two of us, so we eat out a lot on a whim. I always have some kind of dessert ready. No matter what my urges, I usually can fulfill it.

Enjoying each bite of dessert has allowed Terry to truly appreciate the flavors and the joy she gets from eating delicious treats. It’s all part of the plan that’s allowed her to achieve this level of success.

"By prepping ahead I’m able to have a healthy snack at the ready. I can make choices. I don’t have to go get only a piece of fruit. I always have some pre-cooked meat in the fridge, especially chicken. I always have a salad mix ready."

Apart from the usual things like pounds and inches lost, Terry is also noticing other benefits from the SENS Fitness Wine and Weight Loss Program.

"I feel better about myself both physically and mentally. My energy has increased and I enjoy exercising! Mentally, I feel that I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals with the support of the group. I have found that my lifestyle is changing. I understand that I can have the foods that I desire. I'm learning to understand eating the food I want without them taking control of my diet."

With the decades she’s prepared to add to her life she’s confident she can continue losing weight and fit into smaller clothes, including that two piece bathing suit.

“The things I’ve learned as a member of this group will stay with me in life. I can’t say that about all the other things I’ve tried.

I like it because it’s on an adult, personal level. I don’t feel like just a number in a group. I am a face with a name and I feel like a friend to the people in our group. Everyone is supportive and there to encourage you when you fall. There’s no criticism. Just positive reinforcement!

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